Company Testimonials:

"If you are either looking for work or looking for employees you can NOT go wrong with Seaport Marine, Inc. - I have worked with their team for awhile now and they are very professional and dedicated to finding what you need when you need it. Thanks to the entire staff at Seaport Marine for all of your hard work!"

-HR Manager L. Morales, Supply/Crewboat Co.


"Seaport Marine is extremely resourceful & enthusiastic about placing qualified marine personnel that meet the needs in this dynamic offshore environment. Furthermore, Seaport Marine is effective & organized in arranging resources to meet our challenging goals."

-Offshore Marine Coordinator W. Brown, Dive Boat Co.


"Seaport is always there when I need someone.  Quality personnel and service."

-Personnel Manager T. Zaunbrecher, Utility Boat Co.


Individual Testimonials:

"To Mr. Chuck Bender, Tom Zirlott, and staff, thanks for all the courteous and professional service rendered. It's because of the support rendered by Seaport Marine that I was able to land a very fullfilling career position. Hands down best marine staffing in the business. Happy sailing! And thanks a million."

-1600 Ton DPO Capt C. Harris


"Seaport Marine, Inc. has provided me with valuable, quality employment where others have failed."

-1600 Ton MOT S. White

"Seaport Marine Inc. found work for me when I couldn't find it myself. I found them to be very professional and was completely satisfied with every aspect of my experiences with their company.  I am extremely happy and still employed with the company they placed me with."

- 100 Ton Capt. M. Kirschner